How do I order parts?

How do I order parts?

We sell many replacement parts for our different brands of kayaks and boards.  Please visit our online store here.  Under Parts and Service menu you will find:

Find Parts using ChatBot
Alternatively you can use our ChatBot to Search and Suggest Parts by Brand and Model of kayak or SUP.  

Dealer Discount Code:
Please contact us or our sales rep to receive your dealer discount code to apply at checkout.

Shipping Fees:
Our parts are available for shipping  in North America and International.  Some restrictions apply for Seats and Impulse Drives for Mako kayaks internationally. 
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      We sell many replacement parts for our different brands of kayaks and boards. Please visit our online store here. Under Parts and Service menu you will find: Components Deck Outfitting Seats Seat Back & Covers Skeg / Rudder Mako Parts & Accessories ...
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