How do I adjust my kayak foot rests or foot pedals?

How do I adjust my kayak foot rests or foot pedals?

Adjustable via a locking rail or webbing system, properly adjusted footbraces increase your kayak stability and control. Certain models of footbraces control the kayak’s rudder. A properly adjusted footbrace should allow your knees and thighs to fit snugly under the cockpit rim and/or thighbraces. Our locking gas pedal style (see attached), has a lift up flag lever allowing you to move the pedal with your feet then put the flag down to lock. It is best to wear a soft neoprene bootie when paddling, for comfort and to facilitate pedal use.

For kayaks without rudder – Quiklock footbrace system:
  1.  Simply push in the rectangular button on the track closest to you to release the locking mechanism. Once released you can move the foot pedal forwards or backwards along the track to customize your fit. You can even adjust the footbraces while seated by using your feet to pull them closer to you. Allow the button to click back out to lock the track.

For kayaks with rudder using sliding footbrace system. 

  1. The pedals sliding in the tracks control the rudder. Push on the right pedal to steer to that direction or left pedal to steer to the left.  Pull the webbing strap to move the foot pedals closer to you. To move the pedals further away from you, simply release the ladder lock on each strap and the pedals will slide forward.

 IMPORTANT: After all your adjustments are complete and you are seated in your kayak, verify that you can still easily exit your kayak. If your kayak is equipped with a rudder, confirm it is deploying and functioning properly. Ultimately, time spent in your kayak will be your best indicator as to what needs further adjustment and which areas of your body may require additional padding.